Kunci pertama untuk hidup lebih baik

This is my first book i made after i found the first key to have better living.



Memorize is easy.

To apply is another story.

Admit where you are now.
Just as it is.
No drama. No more. No less.
Just as it is.


Accept who you are now.

And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself




Patience is a virtue.

Every great achievement take time. No one can get success overnight. I guess.

But Israeli could! you said.
They went out from Egypt with all Egyptians Gold!

They became wealthy people in just one overnight!
you said.

I believe that history too.

Yet did you notice how long Israeli been in Egypt before they brought out all the Gold?

Some little time around 430 years only, i guess?

And how hard hey worked before that overnight success?

Stolen waters are sweet,

And hidden bread is pleasant.

Just like the taste of hot seducing other’s spouse.

I just wander how it felt when singing Praise The Lord oh my soul, right after having forbidden things to do with somebody.

Yea we might hear the voice inside our head,
‘dont be naive, even a King had ever done it and yet still went as the greatest king’
it is your true love that found a lil bit late., it calls love, pure love. It was meant to be for you. Go ahead just enjoy it, nobody knows but only both of you.

And you know what is the best part of it?
It is free!

Yet i just wander, how it felt
when holding hand with own spouse while singing praises to the Lord at church, pretending like holy angel, after we did things we should not be doing.
And i wander, how it felt to look straight to our spouse’s eyes,
after that something as usual activity had done as always.
Nothing personal, just business as usual.

Is there still any mustard seed’s size of first love for your kids and spouse left?

Or is it too tasty for you that sweet little candy which lead you to the place,
which you knew where it goes?..


Young men, arise. Thy sins have been forgiven thee.
Go, and Sin no more.

Time is limited

Hard to quit using social media for relaxing your mind.

I was in that situation too.

Until i notice 10 years gone by. And nothing happened to my dreams i made some 10 or 20 or 30 years ago.

And it was not easy to just stop exist on fb,twit,ig,wag,etc.. etc. ..

but my time is limited.

So. ?


A resolution is a decision to do or not to do something.

Do you remember your 2019 new year resolution? Had you went toward or did you just walked away from that resolution, just as always we did to 2018, 2017, 2006, new year’s 1999 resolution.

For me personally, my life would not be changed to the better until i decide, start to do and keep doing what i have to do according to my own personal resolution. It was a commitment for me. I knew its not easy. Yet i believe as long as i hold my goal before me and keep working on it. i will be there, someday.

Now the problem is i dont have eternal life to wait for the day of that someday. I must set a new resolution for the time to be there. It is not enough to tell myself i am going to buy a new car someday. What if that someday would never come?

Resolution is the power to try even when things are difficult.

Dream Big

Dream as big as you can after all your daily, weekly, monthly, bills paid.

How can we dream if we can not sleep? How can we sleep if we can not eat?

Dream big, follow your passion..

really nice to hear that words. I am not saying that dont follow your passion, its just follow your passion after you fulfill your obligations.

I was almost lost back then when i followed my passion. All time, energy, focus to my passion. What i missed is at that time. My works made me -Rp! .. yes it means negative cashflow! for six years.

One story from Buddha ringing in my head was about this:

One day Siddhartha was meditating near a river bank. He was near starvation, his face sunken, his hair matted. He heard a fisherman teaching a young boy the proper way to tune a lute, a kind of stringed instrument. The fisherman said, “Listen, when the strings of the lute are too loose, the lute does not produce any sound, but when you tune it too tight, the strings snap. Only when the strings are tuned just right the lute can make music.” (a similar variation describes the conversation between young girls learning to play the lute).

Siddhartha, who had at that point spent several years depriving his body in his quest for enlightenment, had a revelation; One can achieve wisdom neither by a life of merriment nor of mortification, but only by a life lived in moderation- The Middle Way. This realization had very important implications for Siddhartha; his change in course would eventually lead him to enlightenment and to develop the foundations of Buddhism- the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path.

At that time i awaken from my dream which was a big dream[illusion] to be the next amazon, alibaba, facebook, wordpress, automattic.

I realised. I must pay my bills. before i chase my dream.